by Luke Aadalen

Used week three message from Pastor Luke Aadalen on September 30, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. The Bible tells us about three young Israelite men who lived this kind of righteous life, this faith based prevent defense. They were confronted by evil, but did not give in, instead they challenged the situation. They made a choice. At first, things seemed to be getting worse, but as we will see, it didn’t end that way. They played the proper prevent defense. Just like them, at times, life is not easy on us and we get dealt a terrible hand. But we can find hope we can hold onto in their story, because just like them what we need is a miracle in the fire. To find your miracle in the fire, you gotta learn what that proper prevent defense is that they played. We have to learn what our faith based prevent defense is supposed to look like. These three, Rack, Shack and Benny figured it out and we should follow their example. Faith Based Prevent Defense: Persuaded Pressure Promise Protection Promotion Persuaded Daniel 3:16-18 Pressure Daniel 3:19 Promise James 1:2-4 Joshua 1:9 Isaiah 41:10 Daniel 3:20-23 Protection Daniel 3:24-27 Promotion Daniel 3:29-30 Romans 8:28 He wants to USE us – we are called according to his purpose – and he is ON OUR SIDE – do you get that? This is the power of the prevent defense. This is the power of faith. This is the power of his promises for our lives. This is the power of having a God bigger than anything that walks through the fire with us. Romans 8:31-39 Be fully persuaded. Believe the promise and when the pressure begins to increase and the fires begin to burn, you can know the protection that surrounds you and the promotion that waits when you walk out of it. Don’t give up! Remember – your miracle is IN the fire!
Duration:38 mins

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