Sun, Mar 24, 2019

Ruth: Redeemed

by Sheena Tallman
Route 66 week seven message from Sheena Tallman on March 24, 2019 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. YOUTH SUNDAY! The short book of Ruth is a story of loyalty, of kindness, of integrity, of protective love. But more than anything… this is a story about how God is always working to redeem the lives of those who love him. Ruth 1 Moabites worshipped pagan gods, and because of their sour history with Israel, they were NOT ALLOWED to worship in God’s Tabernacle, even if they WANTED to. So for Elimelek to choose to move his family there, shows us how desperate he must have been. Now, Naomi, ( an israelite ) Elimiech’s wife, is left without her husband, and without her sons. All she has now are her daughters in law (moabites) Orpah and Ruth. Feeling completely hopeless, empty and bitter, she decides there is nothing left for her in Moab and she wants to go back to her people and to her home in Bethlehem. Her daughters in law get ready to go with her but Naomi stops them. She explains that while there is nothing left for her, the girls have a chance for a good life in Moab. They should stay with their families, remarry and go on about their life. With sadness, Orpah said goodbye to her mother in law and stayed in Moab. But Ruth’s response changes everything. God is ALWAYS working in our circumstances, even when we can’t see it. Ruth 2 There was a law that served as a type of welfare program in Israel. This israelite law demanded that the comers of the wheat and barley fields not be harvested and also that any dropped grain was to be left on the ground. Then the poor, the widows and anyone traveling through could come by and pick it up and use it for food (this is called gleaning). Because of the law, Boaz was required to allow Ruth to glean in his field. But that’s all. He wasn’t required to talk to her or even look her way. A kinsman-redeemer was a relative who volunteered to take responsibility for the extended family. When a woman’s husband died, the law provided that she could marry a brother of her dead husband. Ruth 3 Ruth wanted to be obedient to whatever was asked of her and trust that God would work it out. So she did as she was advised, and went and lay at his feet. Boaz tells her that there is a relative closer than him that would be next in line to marry her. He promises to go and talk with him and get things worked out for her. Ruth 4 The women were pointing out to Naomi that even though she went through this tough time, God was there through it all… and he had a plan to redeem her. He planned good for her all along. They named the baby Obed. He became the father of Jesse, who was the father of King David. Who we know later became an ancestor of Jesus. Isn’t this a sweet little story of how God is always working to redeem the lives of those who love him? Who are you in this story? Are you Naomi? Are you broken, empty, bitter, lost in the pain of your circumstances? If so, remember God is always working in our circumstances, even when we can’t see it. Are you Boaz? All the men in here are like “yeah”.. :) As a follower of Christ, we are called to be an extension of God to EVERYONE we come across. Who in your life is God asking you to extend God’s love, grace and mercy to? Are you Ruth? Do you feel like you are undeserving of God’s grace and mercy? Is there brokenness in your past? Do you feel like you have nothing to offer, how could God want you? God wants to use you to bring glory to his name. He wants to REDEEM you. And if you’ve accepted that redemption he’s offering, then take off your sandals because you’ve been purchased by the blood of Christ and adopted into the family of God. Just like Ruth, you are now blood relatives of Jesus, and NOTHING can undo that. God is always working to redeem the lives of those who love him. The question isn’t, “am I worth it”… the question is “Am I willing?”
Series:Route 66
Duration:28 mins

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