by Chris Russell

Used week eight message from Pastor Chris Russell on November 11, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. As we look at Joseph’s life and story I want you to keep this thought in mind… Even when God feels far away, He is always by your side Big picture vs. Little Picture ; Upper story vs. Lower story The Big Picture is the big overall plan of God. It is the big vision of God that sees where it all began, where everything is going and how it all ends. Genesis 39:2-4 Genesis 39:20-22 Genesis 45:4-7 Genesis 50:19-20 We gain humility through life experiences. - young people with tremendous talent, skills but no humility (star athletes), but don’t know how to be humble, just know how to be talented - you hope that in another 20 years from now life experiences will have shaped them into more of a humble and generous person - it’s why I pray for brokenness when I see arrogance in someone’s life - it’s why I encourage people to embrace suffering and pain instead of just asking God to take it away or for God to give us the easy path God doesn’t waste our time; God doesn’t waste our heartache; God doesn’t waste our pain James 1:2-4
Duration:37 mins

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