Sun, May 06, 2018


by Chris Russell

This is Us week one message from Pastor Chris Russell on May 6, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. We have hit a new stage of that doing life together as we have been in the first part of our Ripple Effect Initiative for the past two months. The Ripple Effect Initiative is about seeking out what it is that God is calling us to do in the upcoming years and who He is calling us to be along the way. A component of this is the building addition you have been hearing about but the much bigger picture involves our goals of digging deeper together and reaching further into our community and into the global ministries that God puts in front of us to partner with. Luke 19:10 Matthew 28:19-20 But in order to reach others the way God wants us to, we have to be individually and corporately growing in our relationship with God and understanding of what it means to follow Him every day of our lives. We can’t take people to a place where we haven’t been ourselves. In other words, we can’t effectively tell others about our amazing God and what it means to follow Him on a daily basis if we don’t really know what that looks like because we aren’t sold out ourselves on the whole idea. It’s not enough for us to come together on Sundays, give out lots of hugs and kind words, and walk away saying “what a great church we have!” The stakes are just simply too high for that! Our goal has eternity on the line! There are people all around us that are far from God and are making the choice to spend eternity apart from God. There has to be a sense of urgency in our lives to want to let them know that there is a loving Savior who makes it possible for them to be restored to God and spend eternity with Him. God has given us the responsibility to be about this significant task at all times. Mark 1:16-20 Jesus’ goal for you and I is not for us to just simply try to become better people – people who are more holy and better fathers, mothers, bosses and friends. His goal is for you and I to follow and to do in the lives of others what someone has done in your life. And it all starts with an INVITE. It’s our first core value here at Waterford. My guess is that the first thing that you think of when you hear the word invite is the notion of inviting someone to come to our service here on Sunday mornings. And while that is certainly part of what we are talking about when we say we must be invitational kind of people, it’s not going far enough in it’s scope to cover what our mission is here at Waterford. Remember, our goal is to reach farther and dig deeper. One of the best ways to be an invitational kind of person is to find common ground with others. What is something you already love to do or talk about that can open the dialogue between you and someone you know that doesn’t know God? Think about how this Ripple Effect happened in your life - the people who God strategically used and placed in your life along the journey to point you towards Him and help you to fall in love with Jesus. It’s why you are where you are today, because someone was faithful in leveraging their sphere of influence and that influence included you. If you choose to seek after God with your whole heart and mind, God will continually position you in places where He can leverage your story and life to impact the story and lives and eternities of others around you… and you will get the honor of being a part of The Ripple Effect. Look at what we have and continue to create here. This is a place where people come and get their questions about God answered….this is a place where people don’t feel judged… this is a place where authenticity is encouraged and practiced…. this is a place where hope is birthed and forgiveness is realized…. this is a place where brokenness starts the healing process…. this is a place where people find their identity in Christ and line up their lives with His purpose not their own…. this is a place where friendships are birthed…. this is a place where God stirs and new ministries are formed… this is a place where eternities are altered and real life is realized. This is a place filled with messed up, broken people, but God is working powerfully in so many lives through us and in spite of us. This is Us.
Series:This Is Us
Duration:42 mins

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