Sun, Mar 18, 2018


by Chris Russell

Grace is Greater week two message from Pastor Chris Russell on March 18, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Now we love the idea of receiving grace, don’t we…. but today we’re going to flip the coin… and we’re going to talk about messy grace. It’s fun to talk about receiving God’s grace, but when we’re talking about GIVING grace, that can be a lot tougher. Grace is only grace if it goes both ways I love this quote from pastor Kyle Idelman. It perfectly sums up this idea of grace going both ways. Here is what he says… “The extent to which we are willing to GIVE grace reveals the extent to which we have RECEIVED grace.” Matthew 18:21-35 You and I have to be honest enough with ourselves to recognize that what we owe God is far greater than anything anybody owes us. Pastor Jean Larroux sums it up well when he says these words… “If the biggest sinner you know isn’t you, then you don’t know yourself very well.” 1 Timothy 1:15 I want to give you a few more reminders about grace related to our topic today of offering grace to others. 1. Grace is greater than repayment – “They have to make it right” Matthew 18:27 2. Grace is greater than revenge – “I’m going to hurt the person the way that I’ve been hurt” Matthew 18:27 3. Grace is greater than resentment – “I’m going to quietly become more and more angry” The key to giving grace is to stop thinking about what’s been done TO you, and start thinking about what Jesus has done FOR you.
Duration:43 mins

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