by Chris Russell

Winning at Marriage week three message from Pastor Chris Russell on April 29, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Now we could spend months covering all the topics related to marriage but today I want to focus in on two areas. I want us to be reminded of the importance of having fun together and I want us to know how when we aren’t having fun together and are in a tough spot to understand how to fight fair. Ecclesiastes 9:9 Marriage Fun: Face-to-Face This is where we get together, enjoy each other's company face to face, because so often in dating couples can talk and talk and talk for hours on end; then when they aren’t together they move on to texting for hours and hours, then later on they get on the phone and they talk. And if someone isn’t talking they are content to just sit quietly and hear the other person breathing. Marriage Fun: Side-to-Side This is where you're hanging out with your best friend; you're doing something you enjoy with your wife or your husband. It's enjoying time doing common activities. Marriage Fun: Belly button-to-Belly button Oh, he did not just say that! Oh yeah he did! You’ll remember that one! Now, let me give you some advice about this because I believe that one of the best things you can do for your marriage is have some physical and intimate fun. Now we all know that there are times in marriage when having fun is not a priority. Sometimes things get so tough and feelings get so hurt that having fun together is not something that’s even on the radar. Here’s the key thought I want you to have in your head as we talk about this more… Healthy couples fight for resolution, unhealthy couples fight for victory. *Unhealthy couples = one-up, get the final word in, verbally destroy the other person - the goal is victory; in this approach somebody has to lose so that the other one can win; sign of an immature marriage *Healthy couples = even though they are upset in the moment, their hearts desire is to become stronger as a result of going through the struggle - the goal is resolution; in this approach both seek to win so that nobody loses. James 1:19-20 Keys to Win-Win fighting 1. Stop to LISTEN carefully Proverbs 18:2 2. Guard your WORDS faithfully Proverbs 21:23 3. Handle your ANGER righteously Ephesians 4:26-27 Do you really want to win in your marriage? Then you can’t keep doing what so many other couples in this world are doing that are passively sitting by while their marriages are going into the tank. You’ve got to make intentional, daily choices to make your marriage a priority. You’ve got to be intentional with having the 3 types of fun we talked about, and you’ve got to be focused on fighting for a win-win outcome when things get difficult. For those of us that have chosen to follow Christ, our marriages are supposed to look different than those of the rest of the world. They are to show what can happen when a man and woman come together and allow God to be at the very center of their relationship… they are to show determination and resolve… they are to show compassion and grace and mercy… they are to show forgiveness and redemption…and they are to show humility and service to one another. When we surrender ourselves to the plan that God has for our marriages, then, and only then, do we find ourselves winning in marriage.
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