Sun, Dec 17, 2017


by Chris Russell

Who Needs Christmas week two message from Pastor Chris Russell on December 17, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. All of those Old Testament stories that many people see as being irrelevant today were actually the stories that birthed the promise of God. They were in essence the cocoon that birthed the hope of the world. Over thousands of years people had lost sight of the promise but during that entire period of time God was behind the scenes working… getting the world ready for the thing He ultimately had decided to do after sin had entered in to the world. The WORLD needed Christmas. But as it turns out it wasn’t just the world that needed Christmas, but God needed Christmas as well. God wanted to do something amazing so He needed to do something very relational and He needed Christmas to make that happen… and because it was going to be something so powerful, so life-altering, so eternity changing… it required God to show up in person. God was going to show up in an up close and personal type of way so that people could get close to Him and realize just how much He loved them, just how much He cared, and just how much He had an amazing plan for their lives and for their eternities, allowing them to completely put their trust in Him for good. Romans 5:6-8 You cannot demonstrate great love without sacrifice God needed Christmas. He needed Christmas to demonstrate his great love and document it for us, otherwise how would we have ever known? Matthew 1:20-23 John 1:12 Romans 8:15-17 Galatians 4:4-5 You can change your status with God TODAY… you can be adopted in to the family of God TODAY… your eternity can be changed TODAY. And the reason you can do this is because of the story of Christmas. God had to show the world that He was with us so that we could know that he was for us. The world needed a demonstration so God needed Christmas to do it.
Duration:33 mins

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