Sun, Nov 26, 2017

God vs. Money

by Chris Russell
Rich at What Matters Most week two message from Pastor Chris Russell on November 26, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Challenges of Being Rich: 1. Harder for us to depend on God 2. Distracts us from true priorities 3. We have a greater responsibility Jesus told many parables, or stories, that illustrated a truth about God and what it meant to live for God. On one occasion he told the people about a farmer who went out to sow some seed. Some of the seed flourished but most of it failed to produce a crop because it was choked out by thorns or eaten by the birds. Matthew 13:22 So I want to build on this idea of the deceitfulness of wealth. The reality is the world wants you to serve money. It wants you to serve money instead of God. Jesus knew the powerful pull that serving money had on the people He was talking to in His time here on Earth and for us today. Matthew 6:24 Money promises what only God can provide: Happiness Security 1 Timothy 6:17-19 People who love and trust money: Never Have Enough Find it increasingly difficult to give big Ecclesiastes 5:10 Proverbs 18:11 If we love and trust money, we never had enough…. and we find it increasingly difficult to give big… the third challenge we have is rich people might… Have money in the bank but no peace in their hearts Proverbs 15:16 More money is not going to keep your kids off drugs. More money is not going to make your marriage better. If you don't love each other when you have no money, you're going to fight about money when you do have it. More money is not going to cure the person you love of cancer. More Jesus is what you need. More Jesus brings intimacy, it brings healing, it brings focus, it brings power, it brings a purpose, it brings the divine into this world. What we need is more Jesus. So stop saying, "I want more money," because you're never going to have enough. What we should be saying is "I want more Jesus. I want more Christ. I want more of his purpose. I want more of his direction. I want more of his peace. I want more of his comfort… I want less of me and more of him. And I don't want to be distracted by the things that do not last. At whatever level you are, whatever "giving big" means to you, give big wherever you are. Give big somewhere… give like rich people give. Be generous, not later, but be generous now. And don't walk around with money in the bank, or stuff in your closet, but have no peace in your heart. Give your heart and finances to Jesus today and know that Jesus is the real peace that you need.
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