Sun, Oct 08, 2017

Being Selfish

by Linda Evans

It's Not Me, It's You week two message from Linda Evans on October 8, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. Selfishness: There are lots of examples of selfish people in the Bible and if we look at some of those stories, it didn’t usually work out well for the selfish person. Cain: (Genesis) Cain had no concern for others. His selfishness led him to murder his own brother. Ahab: (1 Kings 21) We learn that King Ahab was concerned about things more so than people which led to his wife Jezebel having an innocent man killed so that Ahab could have a piece of land that he wanted for a garden. David: (2 Samuel ) He was more interested in seeking his own pleasure rather than doing what was right. He wanted another man’s wife and finally got what we wanted but it involved lying, plotting, deception and murder. God did not honor that and there were serious consequences. So, you would think that we might heed caution when it comes to selfishness in our lives but even though we know these stories, we often give way to selfish choices. Of course there are examples of selfless people in the Bible and we can certainly learn from those people: 1. Abraham (Genesis 13) When the flocks and herds of Abraham and his nephew, Lot became too large for them to live at the same location, instead of telling his nephew where he could take his animals, Abraham told Lot to take first pick of land to have for his animals. According to the world’s standards, Abraham should have chosen first. He was older, much of Lot’s wealth could have been attributed to Abraham, God had promised all the land to Abraham. Instead, Abraham deferred to Lot. Because of this, the Bible tells us that Abraham was richly blessed. 2. Joseph (Genesis 45) Even though his brothers betrayed him and sold him in to slavery, Joseph treated his brothers with love, compassion and mercy. He could have had them killed but instead gave them food when they were starving and he forgave them. 3. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10) helped a stranger in need using his own money and time and knowing he would gain nothing in return. 4. Barnabas (Acts 4) He sold all that he had and gave the money to the Lord’s cause to help those in need. 5. Jesus! What better example of selfless living could we ever have! The son of God left heaven and came to Earth to give himself as a sacrifice to pay for our sins. Even with all these great examples, there are times when I still struggle with selfish living. Have you ever begged? Have you ever really begged? Philippians 2:1-4 The symbol that many associate with Christians is a cross. It was the biggest act of selflessness ever committed. Jesus took ALL of it so that we can stand before God someday as white as snow. The cross--- a symbol of God’s plan of salvation and the symbol of Jesus’ love and obedience. Let humility and selfless be words that describe you. Sounds great, but it can be tough. Philippians 4:2-3 Whatever it was, Paul was worried enough that he was on his knees begging for unity. Paul understood how important it is for Christians to work together and what can happen when people adopt their own agenda and get stuck in a hurt or disappointment. A community driven by selfishness will become a fractured, self-serving nightmare. What can I do? How do I get back to Less Me and More God when selfishness starts to kick in? Look both directions! Matthew 10:39-42 Look both directions. Develop your peripheral vision. Look both directions. Live your life so it reflects the love of Jesus and those watching see more of God and less of you. Look both directions! Embrace a selfless life! Oh God, change us from the inside out and help us say, “It’s not me; it’s you God!” Less me. More God.
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