Sun, Mar 04, 2018

Avoid Gossip

by Chris Russell
My Big Fat Mouth week four message from Pastor Chris Russell on March 4, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. One of my greatest hopes for this series has been that you truly recognize the power of your words. We have been reminded that our words have the power to give life and they have the power to take life. Since Jesus tells us that we speak from the overflow of our hearts, that means that everything that comes out of our mouths reflects something that is going on at a deeper level inside of us. And if you are like me at all with the words you use, we have to recognize that sometimes we just do a horrible job of reflecting the faith we profess to have and the savior we claim to represent. Proverbs 18:8 Gossip, it happens all the time around us. There's an old saying that gossip can actually travel around the world and back before the truth can get out of bed and put its pants on. That's pretty true, isn't it? Especially today in light of all of the social media people use. It takes nothing more than a snap of the fingers or a push of the Post button and all of sudden everybody knows and it's shared and this and that is spread all over the place. For those of us that claim to follow Christ we just find ways to disguise the gossip… sometimes we call it "a prayer request." Who Does Gossip Hurt? The Person It's Spoken About The Speaker Proverbs 16:28 Proverbs 25:9 Gossip hurts everybody. So the goal then should be very simple. Stop it, or as I've been saying throughout this series, "Knock it off!" How do we do that? I'm going to give you two simple and practical ways to do this. Neither is extremely profound in itself, but if you actually put them in to practice, they will drastically change the way you interact with gossip on a daily basis. How to "Knock it off!" Guard Our Ears Close Our Mouth I came across an article that said you could stop gossip with one question. The question is simply this… "Why are you telling me this?" And I think there's another equally important question to ask at times like this and that is this… "Have you had a chance to talk to __________ about this?" Proverbs 20: 19 Proverbs 21:23 A good question to ask ourselves to keep us in check in this area is this… "Would I want someone sharing similar information about me if I were not around?" Luke 6:31 What if instead of getting caught complaining, criticizing, lying or gossip, we put all of that focus in to encouraging one another? That should happen the more and more we get to know Jesus. Because the more we recognize and understand who Jesus is, the more we will follow His example. Then all of a sudden our words begin to reflect those of our Creator, the one who sustains, who renews, who transforms our heart and in that transformation process our mouths cannot help but be transformed as well.
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