Sun, Sep 16, 2018

Abraham's Faith

by Chris Russell
Used week one message from Pastor Chris Russell on September 16, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. In this new series we are recognizing that all of us are on a faith journey and every single day we make the decision on whether to open ourselves to being used by God that day. But what does that really look like? Through the ups and downs that life throws at us on a regular basis, what does it look like to live a life that is surrendered to God and open to being USED by Him? The great news is that in Scripture we have access to hundreds of people who have done the journey before us… so we can gain knowledge and understanding from them about what this journey of being used is all about? It should be of great encouragement to us that we have all of these examples that can speak in to our lives… telling us about the times in their lives when they struggled, when they were knocked down, how they got back up and continued to fight, how they kept pressing forward to the end and how they were used by a Creator that was crazy in love with them. We have access to these people all the time. Throughout the Bible there is story after story of imperfect people who have blown it… people like you and me who want to be USED by God for awesome things but who make the wrong decision… who had unfair things happen to them… who suffered… who didn’t understand what God was trying to do in their lives and through their lives… and their stories have been forever captured for us by the many authors God used to preserve their stories and how they intersected with God’s story, the greatest story of all. Hebrews 12:1 In our time with Abraham we will be reminded that those who have gone before us see things from a better perspective than those who are in the midst of the race currently. It’s always harder when you are in the midst of it, especially when it is difficult. Faith is the ability to trust even when we don’t completely understand As people who want to be USED by God we need to have the same confidence that Abraham has that believes… God ALWAYS does the right thing. Genesis 15:1-5 God ALWAYS does the right thing… …even if it takes a long time. Genesis 16:1-2 God ALWAYS does the right thing… …even if it takes a long time. … even if it seems absurd. Genesis 18:10-14 God ALWAYS does the right thing… …even if it takes a long time. … even if it seems absurd. …even if we don’t understand it. Hebrew 11:17-19 Psalm 9:10 If you want to be USED by God, really really USED by him in your time here on Earth, then you need to develop a faith like Abraham. A faith that is not easily shaken every time something bad happens… a faith that is not easily broken every time life doesn’t go your way…. a faith that is not easily shattered when something unexpected happens, and a faith that is not easily questioned just because your little brain can’t wrap itself around what is going on in your life. *2 questions – Is God still on the throne? Did this catch him off guard? Today we remind ourselves that God ALWAYS DOES THE RIGHT THING… and you need to let that truth marinate it’s way into whatever situation or relationship you’re thinking about right now. To become people who are USED by God we need to trust Him completely.
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