by Chris Russell
Sync week one message from Pastor Chris Russell on August 12, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. When we look at what the Bible teaches we realize that we are told that we should always be living our lives with the end in mind…. in other words, we should always be living in a state of readiness, in a state of awareness that the end could come at any time. But we don’t think this way naturally do we? In fact, I would guess most of us don’t really like the idea of trying to think that way all the time do we? We don’t want to constantly think about dying and when that might happen. But the reality is we are all dying… the question is how will you live between now and then? James 4:14 What are we doing with our time? This series that we are calling SYNC is all about matching our resources with God’s priorities so that we will be ready when we stand before God someday. Matthew 24:42-44 Matthew 25:1-13 What do you need to do NOW so you are ready THEN? Matthew 6: 19-20 1 Timothy 6:17-19 What could I do without now so I can better match up my resources with God’s priorities? Matthew 19:29 When we live our lives and use our financial resources with the bigger end picture in mind it allow us to... *live open handed *desire to find ways to sacrifice now and give toward kingdom work *be intentional with increasing our giving over time (22%) *ask different questions…what would it look like if instead of asking “What’s the most we can spend?” that instead we asked “What’s the least we can spend?” so that we can use the rest for Kingdom purposes. Let’s look at our finances and our resources with the end in mind. There’s something off if we say that we trust Jesus with our eternity but we don’t trust him with our finances. *back to beginning story; guy realized it was a gift, because suddenly a lot of things came in to focus, he became real clear on some things in his life that needed to get aligned *you are on limited time here, make it count, not just for now, but for all of eternity. Go hard after God with your finances and your resources and store up treasures where it matters the most.
Duration:39 mins

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