Sun, Oct 29, 2017


by Luke Aadalen

Defined week two message from Pastor Luke Aadalen on October 29, 2017 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. What we say and how we say it, are only good if they can be backed up. So, if our faith is truly alive by those words, then action will accompany it. Faith requires ACTION! James 2:14-17 The Action that defends faith is…SELFLESSNESS It Starts…With a Willing Heart 1 Timothy 1:5 2 Timothy 1:6-7 It Builds…Beyond Your Comfort Zone It Finishes…By Understanding our Place & our Purpose 2 Timothy 4:7-8 The start, build, and finish occur as a continual process for each of us in our faith. We are constantly presented with opportunity for selfless action – it’s all around us. But do we always see it? Are we looking for it? Also, are we willing to let others see the needs in us? Believe it or not, selflessness in action is a two-way street. Two Ways: 1. Selfless to Give: Humility of Self 2. Selfless to Receive: Humility of Self John 13:3-9 It was considered one of the most hospitable acts of a host to offer a servant to wash the feet of guests as they came into their home. To remove the dust of weariness from travel and toil, cleansing the dirty feet and making them feel refreshed. Our feet are what lead us to action – they must be refreshed from time to time in order that they remain strong and solidified on the foundation of the purpose and mission that God sets before us. Selflessness in Action – our Faith lived out – is a willingness to open ourselves up to things that may not seem to be in our ballpark and to follow through with the mission we are called to. When we do this, God begins to open doors for us to meet needs – selflessly – with no expectation of return. What about the people around you? Next to you? Behind you? In front of you? Do you think there might be a need you could meet for them? Or maybe there is a need that you have that they may be able to meet for you? Are you willing to humble yourself, to Start – Build – Finish – Humility for the sake of serving another, both selflessly to give and selflessly to receive? Don’t deny yourself the joy that comes with serving others Don’t deny others the joy that they feel from serving you And in turn we will together choose not to deny the joy of our God whom we serve directly when we choose to serve others around us
Duration:28 mins

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