by Chris Russell

Sync week three message from Pastor Chris Russell on August 26, 2018 at Community Church of Waterford, Goshen, Indiana. This series is all about syncing up our resources with God’s priorities. We want to make sure that what we are doing here in our time on earth really matters in the scope of eternity. As we learn more and more about the things that matter the most and are the nearest and dearest to the heart of God, they should also become the things that matter the most and are the nearest and dearest to our hearts as well. We need to sync up our hearts and minds with the heart and mind of our heavenly Father. Because when we do that, incredible things happen and God shows up in amazing ways and does things that only He can do. You will never find more passion in your life than when your heart and mind and how you use your time and resources are strongly synced up with the things that matter the most to God. One of the biggest hindrances we have as American Christians in how well we sync up with God’s priorities is how we use our stuff… how we allocate our resources... bottom line is the problem we have with thinking that it’s “our” stuff to begin with. Matthew 25:14-30 Two key themes we need to get from this verse. One, it’s HIS wealth, not ours. Everything belongs to God. Second, everything that He gives to us is something that he is ENTRUSTING us with… in other words, He is expecting us to handle our resources in a way that reflects and honors who He is and would be pleasing to Him. The resources we have are never to be seen as being ours, we are the servants… so everything we do with those resources is supposed to be a reflection of what the Master Himself would do with those resources. However, if we do what most people do and see our resources as “ours”, then we don’t worry about trying to learn what the Bible has to say about how to use them faithfully because we have decided that our plan is better than God’s plan. When we understand that it all belongs to God then we don’t get caught up in the comparison game with others; instead we simply are grateful for that which he has entrusted to us. And when we live lives of gratefulness toward God for what He entrusts us with, we respond by being generous people because that is God’s desire for our lives and we desire to be in sync with God’s priorities for our lives. It’s all about intentionality. What if we decided to get crystal clear on those things that matter most to the heart of God and invest heavily in them with all that we possibly can? What would that look like for you? What would that look like for our church family? Imagine allowing God to stir in you in such a way that you experienced the passion that we heard from our youth last week and from Jessica today about a world issue that matters deeply to God. And then we decide to go AT ONCE and begin becoming a part of the solution, through the use of our time and our resources. It all starts with surrendering ourselves to the one who made us and has an amazing plan for our lives. A plan that involves drawing others to Him and getting invested in those issues that are near and dear to His heart.
Duration:35 mins

Wednesday 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, During School Year  (Wednesday night services are now off for the summer season and will resume Sept 4)

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